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          Live Dates


21st September                 St Tropez Lounge Poole from 8pm


24th September 2023.      Lee Victory Festival

                                            Lee on Solent Hampshire

29th September.                Gregory & Tapping Wine Bar

                                             Windsor 7:30pm

5th October 2023              Concorde Club Eastleigh ( in the Moldy Fig) 

29th October 2023.           RBL Festival of Remembrance with the                                                                               Band of the  Hampshire Constabulary 

                                            at the Point Theatre in Eastleigh 

3rd November 2023.        Concorde Club Eastleigh ( in the Moldy fig)

16th  November 2023       Green's Wine Bar and Kitchen, Winchester

                                            5:30pm to 7:30pm

9th December.                   Wedding ceremony Froyle Park Country                                                                             Estate Alton ( Harbour Hotel)

13th December                  Holiday Inn Winchester ( Private event)

25th January 2024            St Tropez lounge Pool ( French restaurant) 


16th February 2024          Watlington Town Hall, Watlington

                                             French event  7:45pm

18th February 2024.         A la Russe restaurant ( French restaurant) Windsor

                                            Valentine's dinner

8th June 2024.                  Southwick Revival

9th June 2024                   Southwick Revival

22nd June 2024                 Marriott Hotel Portsmouth ( Private event)

21st November 2024        Greens Wine Bar & Kitchen Winchester

                                            Beaujolais event 5pm


 ( date to be confirmed      Wykeham Arms Winchester



[date to be confirmed]     Emsworth Sailing Club, Emsworth


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